Mahjong Luxe Classic

Enjoy this stylish mahjong game with wooden tiles and 18 levels. Choose your favorite layout and remove all tiles in pairs.

Have fun for hours with this amazing puzzle game!

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Majong New Classic

Majong or Mahjong, that's the question. Clear 10 layouts by combining two of the same free (highlighted) tiles over and over again.

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Mahjong Titans Classic

Combine 2 of the same mahjong stones to remove them from the playing field. You only can use free stones. A free stone is not covered by any other stone.

Play now and enjoy it for hours!

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Mahjong Titans Blue

Mahjong Titans Blue is a nice HTML5 looking and well designed pairing game using tiles almost like the real ones. So you can get used to those tiles before being involved in the true Mahjong. There are three basic tiles: Ball, Bamboo, and Character. Each of these tiles is numbered one through nine. There are also four special tiles: Winds, Flowers, Dragons, and Seasons. Some of these tiles are marked with a letter. Four players take place in the traditional Mahjong game.

Try to complete all of the maps!

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Word Wipe Classic

Join letters and create valid words. Remove complete lines and reach the indicated goal. Hit the Play button and start playing this Mind game for hours!

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Wordmeister Classic

Create words in the English dictionary to score points. Drag and drop the tiles to form words.

Take advantage of bonus tiles such as double letter scores, triple word scores and more. How well-versed are you with the English vocabulary?

The highest score wins!

Fans of word games such as scrabble will love this.

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Pixelmon Poke Go

Choose the your strongest poke GO monster in the Battle Arena and defeat your rivals.

The rules are too simple! Choose your favorite poké GO fight character. Fight your rivals and defeat them. Become the strongest pokemon go in the poke duel arena. Ever wanted to fully customize your Pokemon experience?

Pokemon Poke Pixelmon is an addictive RPG battle game. Capture and collect other monsters as many as possible! Train your pokemon pets and make them stronger and more versatile.

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